2012 Eagles Schedule Released

2012 Eagles Schedule Released


Thurs., Aug. 9 - v. Pittsburgh (7:30)
Mon., Aug. 20 - @ New England (8:00)
Fri., Aug. 24 - @ Cleveland (7:30)
Thurs., Aug. 30 - v. New York Jets (TBD)

Regular Season

Sept. 9 - @ Cleveland (1:00)
Sept. 16 - v. Baltimore (1:00)
Sept. 23 - @ Arizona (4:05)
Sept. 30 - v. New York Giants (8:30)
Oct. 7 - @ Pittsburgh (1:00)
Oct. 14 - v. Detroit (1:00)
Oct. 28 - v. Atlanta (1:00)
Mon., Nov. 5 - @ New Orleans (8:30)
Nov. 11 - v. Dallas (4:15)
Nov. 18 - @ Washington (1:00)
Mon., Nov. 26 - v. Carolina (8:30)
Dec. 2 - @ Dallas (8:30)
Dec. 9 - @ Tampa Bay (1:00)
Thurs., Dec. 13 - v. Cincinnati (8:30)
Dec. 23 - v. Washington (1:00)
Dec. 30 - @ New York Giants (1:00)

- As it turns out, a schedule that was floating around the internet a couple weeks ago turned out to be, not surprisingly, bogus.

- The third preseason date typically acts as the team's closest simulation to a regular season game, but since they turn around and open their regular season against the Browns, it will be interesting to see how Andy Reid treats the meaningless contest. The preseason meeting is also just four days after their second exhibition game.

- Don't know about you, but this season won't truly feel like it's getting underway until the Birds host the New York Giants on Sunday night in Week 4.

- Both tilts with Dallas follow the Eagles playing the previous Monday night -- seriously? That's at least one extra (three after Thanksgiving) for the Cowboys to prepare and recover before both games against the same division rival. That doesn't strike me as being very balanced.

- Star players from outside the division I am simultaneously looking
forward to seeing, yet not really: Calvin Johnson and Cam Newton.

- Reid will be going for his 14th consecutive victory following the bye week against the Atlanta Falcons, who it happens will also be coming off their bye.

- Unfortunately, the Birds actually find themselves on the wrong end of several bye weeks -- four to be exact, which has some folks on Twitter absolutely livid. The Steelers, Lions, Falcons and Redskins all get have the previous week off. Again, seems unbalanced.

- With three primetime games in a seven week span, including another dreaded Thursday nighter for the the third season in a row, the Eagles will play seven games in 39 days between Weeks 9 and 15.

- Will Eagles fans descend on Tampa in December much the way they did on South Beach last season?

Elements will play factor for both Flyers, Penguins in outdoor game

Elements will play factor for both Flyers, Penguins in outdoor game

PITTSBURGH -- The ice on Friday afternoon at Heinz Field was watery and slushy.
That’s because the city set a historic record at 78 degrees for Feb. 24.
So what were the ice conditions?
“They were pretty good,” said Sidney Crosby. “It was pretty bright there. Started off the practice and the sun was beating down pretty good.
“I’ve played in a few of these and the ice was pretty good considering how warm it was. It’s supposed to cool down and I’m sure it will get better.”
The Penguins will host the Flyers on Saturday night in a Stadium Series outdoor game.
Pittsburgh took the ice Friday at 4 p.m. The Flyers got on the ice a little more than an hour later and things started to cool down.
“We had a pretty good practice given the circumstances,” Jakub Voracek said. “This is a little better setup than Philly. The fans are closer.”
It was much hotter when Pittsburgh took the ice, but the temperature was still warm after the sun went down.
Shayne Gostisbehere said, “It was hot for sure. … It was fun, but it was pretty hot.”
Defenseman Radko Gudas said the ice surface was, “playable, but a little rough.”
On Saturday, rain is expected, with temperatures falling to 42 degrees by 5 p.m.
During the game, which begins at 8 p.m., the temperature is projected to continue to drop and there will be wind gusts up to 31 mph. By the end of the night, the forecast says temps will be in the 20s. 

Players are more concerned about the wind than the ice at this point. Crosby, who has played in three previous NHL outdoor games, said wind is a huge factor. It happened to the Penguins at the 2014 Stadium Series game in Chicago.
“It can definitely be a factor,” Crosby said. “I want to say in Chicago that was something we kind of had to look at. We felt it a little more there compared to the other two [outdoor games]. If it going to get windy like that, it’s something to be aware of.”
It remains to be seen how the NHL will handle which team goes into the wind first.
“Yeah, the wind,” Penguins assistant coach Rick Tocchet of what element will be a big factor. “I hope you don’t have to backcheck. Who gets the advantage? They change in the third period. But who picks what end? There is a wind factor.”
Tocchet rated the ice Friday as “a little slushy.”
“It was good early and then it got tough because it was hot outside,” Tocchet said. “But we got a half-decent practice out of it.
“The one thing, the puck didn’t bounce, which was good. Players can adapt a lot better when the puck doesn’t bounce. When things bounce, it’s a tough night.”

Brett Brown understands Nerlens Noel trade, caught off guard by Ben Simmons news

Brett Brown understands Nerlens Noel trade, caught off guard by Ben Simmons news

Nerlens Noel was essentially the beginning of The Process.

Acquired in a draft day trade with the New Orleans Pelicans in 2013, Noel was the last player remaining of those who were on the team when Brett Brown took over as head coach of the Sixers. Drafted No. 6 overall out of Kentucky, Noel missed the entire 2013-14 season recovering from a torn ACL.

That gave Brown the opportunity to work closely with Noel, most notably on his shot.

"Personally, I spent a lot of time with him," Brown said pregame Friday. "To have a whole year where you could help grow his shot. And talk about a total rebuild."

Noel on Thursday was traded to the Dallas Mavericks for a top-18 protected first-round pick, Justin Anderson and Andrew Bogut. The return doesn't seem great, but there are larger factors at play.

Noel is slated to become a restricted free agent this summer. With the emergence of Joel Embiid and Jahlil Okafor on the roster, the center position was (and still is, frankly) crowded. The chances of the Sixers' retaining Noel weren't great. Especially if a team had signed him to an exorbitant offer sheet.

Brown was naturally close to Noel, but understands the business side of the decision.

"I'm happy for him in my heart of hearts," Brown said. "[The Mavericks] have brought him in to grow him to try to be a starting center. That does equal a commensurate paycheck. He will be rewarded if that's the way it plays out.

"That wasn't gonna happen here. It wasn't gonna happen here. And so when you really study salary caps, really study design of teams and really study how to grow a program so you're not caught positionally, it was gonna be hard to allocate that amount of money to a five spot."

Brown got some more tough news when he learned No. 1 overall pick Ben Simmons won't play this season. A scan taken Thursday revealed that Simmons' Jones fracture, suffered in early October on the last day of training camp, has not fully healed (see story).

Brown, being the consummate optimist, brought up his experience with Noel in is his rookie season of how a player can still develop despite not getting on the court.

"I'm disappointed for lots of reasons that he isn't going to be able to play," Brown said. "I played text tag with him as he was going to the scan. I felt like when your wife is having a baby, pacing around, wondering, 'What's gonna happen? What's the result of the scan? What's it gonna be? What's it gonna be?' I don't mean to get too dramatic, but there's a level of anxiety that you wonder, 'What is the result gonna say?' And when it came back with the result, it caught me off guard. It really wasn't something personally I was expecting."

Sixers president of basketball operation Bryan Colangelo addressed the media Friday to disclose the news on Simmons. He also explained his thinking behind the Noel trade, which mostly hinged on Noel's impending restricted free-agent status (see story).

Brown was sad to see one of his original developmental projects go, but understood the business side of the decision.                     

"I thought he did a really good job," Brown said of Colangelo's press conference. "That is the truth. So it's connected with emotion and reality that we say goodbye to Nerlens."