Allen Iverson is Nasty: drops 60

Allen Iverson is Nasty: drops 60


A.I. broke his previous career record of 58 by dropping 60 on Saturday in a win against the Magic at the Wachovia Center.

His 60 points was the highest by any NBA player this year topping Jermaine O'Neal's 55 a month ago.  It is the third most among active players behind Tracy McGrady and Mr. Shaquile O'neal.

The Magic simply couldn't stop him.  They tried Philly native Jameer Nelson along with Steve Francis, but simply couldn't contain A.I.  He hit 24 of 27 free throws.

Link: Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/13/2005 | Iverson explodes for 60 points.

"I have never witnessed a performance like this in person," O'Brien said. "This is the greatest performance I ever witnessed."

Even the Magic were mesmerized by Iverson. "I haven't seen a performance like that [ever]," said Magic rookie Dwight Howard, who had 11 points, 13 rebounds and two blocked shots. "Sixty points, that's amazing."

Iverson outscored the rest of the Sixers, 60-52. "We're all players, but we're also fans of the game," said Kyle Korver, who scored 12 points. "We all appreciate someone who can go score 60 points."

The Phillie Phanatic got an awful makeover

The Phillie Phanatic got an awful makeover

The 2017 Philadelphia Phillies look quite a bit different than the team that trotted out on the field last season.

One constant, however, is the Phillie Phanatic who brings his A-game every single year for most of our lives.

His consistency is remarkable.

Until now!

In a new promo video, the Phanatic attempts to get a makeover at the hands of shortstop and stylish dude Freddy Galvis.

The only problem is: if you're going to good the Phanatic dreadlocks -- and really, this sounds like a great idea to me -- you have to give him GREEN dreadlocks.

You'll notice they give him a 'fro at the end which is greeted with approval and it matches.

Carson Wentz talks Derek Barnett, that Cowboys hat and crazy Eagles fans

Carson Wentz talks Derek Barnett, that Cowboys hat and crazy Eagles fans

Carson Wentz has had a whilrwind few days in Philadelphia as the city hosts the 2017 NFL draft.

He took some time between posing for selfies with Eagles fans and messing with Dallas Cowboys fans and hitting trick shots on live TV to talk about his busy week with CSNPhilly's Danny Pommells.

Obviously that pesky Cowboys' fan was a topic of interest.

"He was coming up and was getting booed. I was like, 'I can't take this picture.' So I nicely took his hat off and set it down and took the picture. He was cool with it. It was all in fun," Wentz said.

Carson also spoke about the record-setting Philly crowd and impressive atmosphere on Day 1 of the draft

"It was crazy. I didn't know what to expect being at the Draft Experience. The fans just kind of all circulated, it was nuts. That's Eagles fans. So much passion."

As for the Birds' first round pick Derek Barnett? Wentz had to look him up just like many Eagles fans.

"I watched some film of him. He's a dynamic player. He can really turn that corner and bend around that corner. I'm happy he's on our team I'll tell you that."

"I've heard he's a hard-working kid so that will serve him well," Wentz said.

The NFL Draft Experience continues on Friday and Saturday and is free for all fans.