Another Day in Paradise: Sixers Take on Magic in Orlando

Another Day in Paradise: Sixers Take on Magic in Orlando

As nice as it was for us to get that big home win over Orlando at the
beginning of the seven-game death march, a lot of it didn't scream
"repeatable success." Shutting down (relatively speaking, anyway) Dwight
Howard with a combination of Tony Battie, Elton Brand and Lavoy Allen
is all well and good, but how many times out of 10 would you bet that
such a strategy would be effective? The answer's not ten, I'll tell you
that much.

We'll find out if the answer is at least "two"
tonight, however, as the Sixers visit the Magic in Orlando. The game
will be something of a preview for a couple of our guys for two weekends
from now, when the NBA world will converge in O-Town for All-Star
Weekend, with Andre Iguodala participating in the game proper and Evan
Turner playing in the Rising Stars challenge. Word on whether or not
Jodie Meeks will be in the three-point contest has yet to come down, but
c'mon—the guy is in the perfect Daequan Cook/James Jones/Quentin
Richardson mold to take this thing. He'll make it. (Correction: Jodie Meeks did not make the Three-Point Contest. Needed room for Joe Johnson. Haters.)

7:00 tip from the Amway Center. The Magic have been kind of good lately,
by the way, beating the Heat, Wolves and Bucks, while the Sixers have
been kinda not good, just barely squeaking by against the Bobcats. It
won't be the easy set-up it was last time, but I still feel like we have
the better team here, so long as Dwight doesn't eat the
Lavoy/Battie/Brand menu alive early on. Time will tell.

Former Eagles linebacker DeMeco Ryans joins 49ers coaching staff

Former Eagles linebacker DeMeco Ryans joins 49ers coaching staff

About a year ago, while in Indianapolis for the combine, the Eagles cut veteran linebacker DeMeco Ryans. 

Ryans has finally found his next job ... as a coach. 

The 32-year-old former linebacker has been named a defensive quality control coach on Kyle Shanahan's staff in San Francisco. Shanahan was on the Texans' staff for the first four years of Ryans' pro career. Niners defensive coordinator Robert Saleh was also on that Houston staff. 

After the Eagles cut him last Feb. 24, Ryans was out of the league in 2016 after 10 NFL seasons. He played the first six years of his career in Houston, where he was a two-time Pro Bowler, before joining the Eagles through a trade in 2012. 

While the Eagles cut Ryans after the 2015 season to save $3.5 million in cap space, they made a point to go out of their way to praise him on his way out. He was very well thought of in the locker room and throughout the building. 

While Ryans played one season under Andy Reid, he quickly became a favorite of Chip Kelly, who frequently called Ryans the "Mufasa" of the Eagles' defense. 

Kelly didn't forget about Ryans when he went to San Francisco to coach the 49ers for the 2016 season. In fact, in Kelly's questionnaire in the NFL's 2016 information guide, Kelly listed Ryans as a player who'd make a great head coach. 

1992 interview between Donald Trump and Randall Cunningham surfaces

1992 interview between Donald Trump and Randall Cunningham surfaces

Philadelphia Magazine's Dan McQuade unearthed a YouTube video of a 1992 interview former Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham did with real estate tycoon Donald Trump from his short-lived interview special titled Randall Cunningham’s Celebrity Rap.

Apparently, it was a show on WCAU where Cunningham sat down with random celebrities. As McQuade points out, it is pretty weird.

And one of those celebrities just so happened to go on to become president of the United States.

There isn't a whole lot about sports. Trump briefly mentions Randall's career with the Eagles and also discusses Mike Tyson and his rape conviction. Trump appears sympathetic to Tyson's struggles.

Mostly it's a puff piece in which Trump talks somewhat aimlessly from topic to topic. If you don't want to waste 15 minutes watching it, Philly Mag summarized the most bizarre moments