Tax case filed against Manny Pacquaio


Tax case filed against Manny Pacquaio

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MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- Philippine tax officials have filed a criminal complaint against boxing champion and lawmaker Manny Pacquiao for failure to submit documents to investigators looking into his tax returns. Prosecutors will now decide if there is enough evidence to bring the case to court, where Pacquiao could face up to two years in jail if convicted. Bureau of Internal Revenue regional director Rozil Lozares says a complaint was filed March 1 after Pacquiao failed to submit the documents despite three notices and a subpoena. He said Thursday that Pacquiao's 2010 tax return contained "discrepancies" considering his many businesses and endorsements. Pacquiao was ranked by Forbes magazine last year as the world's 24th richest athlete. Calls to Pacquiao's office went unanswered.

Phillies pitcher Matt Imhof loses eye in training accident

Phillies pitcher Matt Imhof loses eye in training accident

Phillies pitcher Matt Imhof, their second-round pick in 2014, lost his eye as a result of a freak training accident late last week.

A large piece of metal hit him during a postgame stretching routine, resulting in a fractured nose, two fractured orbital bones and loss of vision in Imhof's right eye.

Imhof, after multiple surgeries, explained what happened in an Instagram post Thursday.

As many of you know on Friday June 25th I had an accident. A large price of metal hit me in the head/eye resulting in a fractured nose, 2 fractured orbital bones, and most significantly, the loss of vision in my right eye. I was immediately taken to the ER and then transferred to Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, the #1 eye hospital in the world. That night, the doctors informed me that the damage to my eye was extreme and essentially that my eye had been crushed like a grape. The doctors told me they were going to do everything possible to reconstruct it but in all likelihood I would never regain sight in my right eye. The first surgery was somewhat a success but overall nothing had changed, so after discussions with my family and my doctors, it was decided that the best chance I had to live a normal life was to have my right eye removed and have a prosthetic one put in. This decision was not an easy one to make but to me it seemed like the right one so on Tuesday afternoon I went forward with the surgery. I'm currently still in Miami recovering from surgery but I'm doing well. This has been the hardest week of my life but I've had amazing support from my family and friends to help me get through it. For those who have been wishing me well, your support has not gone unnoticed and I appreciate everyone who has kept me in their thoughts and prayers. I had the best doctors in the world doing their best work on me and for that I am grateful as well. Although this injury has been tough it could have been much worse...I'm lucky to still have vision in my left eye...I'm lucky that i didn't have brain damage...and I'm lucky to be surrounded my the most loving and understanding people in the world. I just wanted to write this message to let everyone know that even though I suffered some bad luck, I'm not dead. I'm gonna be alright, I'm gonna persevere, and I'm gonna succeed. It takes more than this to bring me down. Again thanks to everyone for the support .

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It's a terrible misfortune for Imhof, who was in his second full season with the High A Clearwater Threshers. The Phils drafted the 6-foot-5 lefty 47th overall out of Cal Poly in 2014, a round after selecting Aaron Nola. The 22-year-old has a 3.69 ERA in 173 career innings.

Eagles mailbag: Biggest concern, roster battles, kicker fight!

Eagles mailbag: Biggest concern, roster battles, kicker fight!

Training camp isn't that far away. Really — it isn't. 

In fact, the Eagles kick off this year's camp in less than a month, so before you know it, football will be back in Philadelphia. 

Earlier this week, I took another shot at a 53-man roster projection, knowing full well it's way too early to try. But I had some fun. 

And I asked for questions and you good people, even in the middle of summer, came through. So I'll try my best to answer them: 

There are plenty of roster questions about this Eagles football team. To put it bluntly, they're just not very talented at some positions and they lack playmakers. But really, the biggest question is about the head coach. Doug Pederson might end up being a great coach. He might end up being Andy Reid 2.0 and take the team to multiple championships and a Super Bowl. Heck, maybe he'll even win the big game. 

But for now, it's fair to wonder if Pederson will even be a decent coach. It's not that he can't be, it's that we don't have a ton of evidence to support the idea that he will be. The Eagles scoffed at the question during his introductory press conference, but it sure seemed like Pederson wasn't their first choice and there weren't exactly many teams lining up to interview him. He's an offensive coach who has been in the shadow of another offensive coach during all of his years coaching in the NFL -- that's another worry. 

I actually think Pederson is off to a pretty good start. He had some unique situations -- Fletcher Cox, Sam Bradford, Darren Sproles -- this offseaon, and he handled all of them well. Players seem to like him. Heck, everyone seems to like him. He's a nice guy, which helps because players want to play for him. But how will he handle game situations, when -- as he says -- the bullets are flying? We'll have to see. For now, though, it's a serious concern. 

As far as starter positions go, I think the wide receivers are going to be fun to watch in training camp. There are several guys who could end up being starters. And it might sound boring, but the kicker battle will probably be pretty close. Right now, I think Caleb Sturgis might have a slight (very slight) edge. 

But the biggest logjam of players is probably at cornerback. No, the team doesn't have top-flight guys, but it does have plenty of young talent there. Guys like JaCorey Shepherd, Jaylen Watkins, Jalen Mills, Aaron Grymes, Randall Evans and Denzel Rice will all be trying to stick at the bottom of the roster. 

Hmmm, a literal kicker battle. Well, let's look at the tale of the tape: 

Caleb Sturgis: 5-9, 192 pounds, 26 years old, has five siblings

Cody Parkey: 6-0, 193 pounds, 24 years old, played LB and OL growing up

Sturgis had five siblings and his brother is an MLS soccer player, so there's a good chance he got in some fights as a youngin. But Parkey, in the media guide, said he played LB and OL and was actually a chubby kid. 

Verdict: I have no idea who would win, but if a kicker fight broke out at training camp, I'd smile a mile wide. 

Carson Wentz's dog has its own Twitter account

Carson Wentz's dog's Instagram

Carson Wentz's dog has its own Twitter account

Fans of both the Disney Channel's hit show "Dog with a Blog" and the Philadelphia Eagles football team will be extra excited to hear this one: Carson Wentz's dog has its own Twitter account.

Now, it's unclear who exactly is behind the @QB11_Henley Twitter account but the bio says, "Official account of Eagles QB, Carson Wentz's dog Henley." And the account is followed by Wentz's official account, so this could actually be his (very intelligent) dog tweeting.

The account details the journey of the pup from Fargo to Philly and even uses the hashtag #FargotoPhilly.

Let's see what Henley is up to:

Once a Bison, Always a Bison #fargotophilly

A photo posted by Henley (@qb11_henley) on

Checking out the Minneapolis skyline #fargotophilly

A photo posted by Henley (@qb11_henley) on

Went for a walk around the stadium to stretch out #fargotophilly

A photo posted by Henley (@qb11_henley) on

Driving through downtown #fargotophilly

A photo posted by Henley (@qb11_henley) on

Thinking about running for office in my new home state! #fargotophilly

A photo posted by Henley (@qb11_henley) on

Finally made it home to dad, @cj_wentz11!!! #philly

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The end.