Christian McCaffrey reportedly outscores Dalvin Cook on Wonderlic

Christian McCaffrey reportedly outscores Dalvin Cook on Wonderlic

The Wonderlic scores for two running backs who have been linked to the Eagles have surfaced. 

Per Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Christian McCaffrey scored a 21 out of 50, and Dalvin Cook scored an 11.

The top score in McGinn’s report was held by Tennessee's Alvin Kamara, who notched a 24. Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon scored a 12 and LSU’s Leonard Fournette shared a score of 11 with Cook.

The average score for a running back, according to renowned football writer Paul Zimmerman, is 16.

The Wonderlic test, a 50-question multiple choice test that measures cognitive ability and problem solving, is given to NFL prospects every year at the combine. Of course, the score doesn't measure how successful a player is on the field. Per Jeff Reynolds of CBS Sports, Jets' QB Ryan Fitzpatrick scored a 48, which is higher than Tom Brady (33), Aaron Rodgers (35) and Hall of Famer Dan Marino (15).

Per Sports Illustrated, Pro Bowler Frank Gore and Adrian Pederson had scores of six and 16, respectively. 

Test scores aside, you’ll have to tune in Thursday at 8 p.m. to see if the Eagles will even draft a running back at 14 overall. Or head down to Philadelphia and see it in person (parking is free). 

Brian Westbrook not sold on Christian McCaffrey going to the Eagles at No. 14

Brian Westbrook not sold on Christian McCaffrey going to the Eagles at No. 14

If you had to pick between running backs Christian McCaffrey and Dalvin Cook, which would you take? That was the topic proposed by CSNPhilly's own Rob Ellis during 97.5 The Fanatic’s Monday afternoon show.

Ellis went with McCaffrey and his co-host Harry Mayes went with Cook.

(We've previously written about McCaffrey and Cook respectively).

Whether the Eagles should take a RB with the 14th overall selection has been a highly-debated topic.

Former Eagles running back Brain Westbrook weighed in on the posibility of the Birds selecting McCaffrey in the first round late last week.

Westbrook made his weekly appearance last Friday on Mike Missanelli’s show and talked about the comparison between his own game and McCaffrey's.

ESPN's NFL insider Adam Schefter was quoted as saying that McCaffrey was the "2017 Brian Westbrook" when interviewed on the Fanatic’s morning show last Friday. Schefter added that McCaffrey is a "can’t miss" prospect and a "jack knife in the back field."

Westbrook seemingly got a kick out of that, but he's not sold on the value McCaffrey would provide at the 14th-overall selection.

"First off, I like the fact that Christian McCaffrey is a versatile back," Westbrook said on Missanelli's show. "Here’s the thing that I think a lot of people continue to lean on. He's able to return kicks. Kickoffs and punts. He's able to line up out of the backfield as at the wide receiver position. And catch the football, run routes, things like that.

"And he's able to run in between the tackles and outside of the tackles. Those are all good things. If you’re picking him at the 14th pick and he's your starting running back, then he's not going to be returning kicks. So you don't need him to do that. So that's part of his versatility that won't be used, so I understand that."

Westbrook went in depth on why McCaffrey's ability to line up at the slot would not benefit the Eagles the same way it used to benefit himself in Andy Reid's offense.  

"Running routes and things like that, that's something you could use," Westbrook said. "That’s something through the season you could use. Here’s the only thing, I think Andy Reid used us in a bit of a different way. Andy Reid would bring in myself and (Correll) Buckhalter at the same time. So if I was lined up out in the slot they still had to respect Correll Buckhalter as a running back. At some point if you continue to bring McCaffrey in as just a slot-type of receiver, then you will start to draw cornerbacks to guard him and I don’t know if that is a winning situation anymore.

"I really think you need a guy that is dedicated to running the football 20 times a game. And I'm not saying McCaffrey isn't. I'm just not 100 percent sure on that. And the more and more I watch film I'll get a better idea. I haven't gotten that over-whelming feel that he's your man at 14."

McCaffrey would make sense if the organization is looking to replace Darren Sproles who is set to retire after the 2017 season -- Sproles was not a first-round pick, though. But the organization might want to heed the words of Westbrook as the Eagles need a true three-down back.

You can listen to the full audio of Westbrook and Mikey Miss here.

NFL Network analysts: Eagles need to focus on helping Carson Wentz in draft

NFL Network analysts: Eagles need to focus on helping Carson Wentz in draft

When it comes to building through the draft, NFL Network analysts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks can both agree that the Eagles' plan should revolve around building the offense.

More specifically around quarterback Carson Wentz.

During a national conference call with Jeremiah and Brooks, one question came up about the Eagles. It was simple and it was a good one.

The question: "On the Eagles, if you will. No. 1, how do they balance continuing to build around Carson Wentz vs. the need to rebuild the defense, particularly at corner? Who would be your best fit on offense and best fit on defense for them?"

The Eagles have an obvious need in the defensive secondary and this draft is rich with first-round talent at the cornerback position. So taking a corner with the 14th pick would be a natural fit.

But the idea of drafting a running back or wide receiver in the first round is certainly not out of the question. And both Jeremiah and Brooks think if it's close, go for the offensive pieces.

"When you have a young quarterback, you always are on the side of giving him more help," Jeremiah said. "You'll have time to eventually figure out what you need to do on that side of the ball defensively. So give him help offensively, if it's close.

"You look for help in this draft, where they're picking at 14, I think from a weapons standpoint, Mike Williams, Corey Davis would make a lot of sense if they would be in that range. Christian McCaffrey, (Dalvin) Cook would be the other two guys. I don't know if you go wrong with any of those four players. They're premier guys. Help your young quarterback take that next step."

Jeremiah did not deny that corner was a need for the Eagles and said if they do not land one at 14, that they are "in the market in round No. 2."  

Brooks shared the sentiment with Jeremiah.

"So I agree with Daniel. You build up the offense," Brooks said. "You make sure your young quarterback is up and going, he has confidence, he continues to make strides. Then you kind of build up the defense along the way. I want to make sure that the franchise quarterback has everything that he needs to be successful."

Brooks also mentioned that he liked Jim Schwartz's scheme on defense and that it was a scheme that "allows you to play with lesser players on the corners."

It is a pretty fair evaluation that Wentz needs more help after last year's meltdown at the wide receiver position, coupled by an inconsistent backfield.