The best of Chase Utley’s Twitter chat

The best of Chase Utley’s Twitter chat
January 14, 2014, 4:15 pm
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Chase Utley has been making the media rounds in full force this week, which is odd because it’s Chase Utley. The fact that Philadelphia Phillies single-game tickets went on sale Monday wouldn’t have anything to do with it, now would it?

But I digress. Utley hasn’t backed down from any line of questioning from what I can tell. He thinks the Phillies can be contenders this year, steroid-users like Alex Rodriguez are a disappointment, and the Fightins’ new TV contract is “a lot of money.”

Utley even took to Twitter on Tuesday to field questions from fans, which he did as ably as turning a double play with Jimmy Rollins. I hope Chase got a chance to answer all of your queries today, because it doesn’t sound like he has any intention of getting an account of his own.

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