Cliff Lee still waiting on MRI, or MRI results

Cliff Lee still waiting on MRI, or MRI results
August 6, 2014, 5:30 pm
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Cliff Lee could be out for the season after he hurt his left elbow last Thursday vs. Washington. (USA Today Images)

It’s been almost a week since Cliff Lee walked off the mound in Washington after injuring his elbow again. After that game, Lee said that he “felt like if I kept throwing something was going to snap.”

Despite the alarming description, Lee still hasn’t undergone an MRI. Or, if he has, he and the Phillies are still waiting for the results. Or something. It’s a murky situation. On Wednesday, the manager made matters even foggier.
Here’s the exact question and how it was posed to Ryne Sandberg before the Phillies game against the Astros at Citizens Bank Park: “Do you know yet at all when Cliff might get his MRI, or if he has yet? I’m sure you’re sick of being asked about it, but do you have any idea?”
“Uh, today’s Wednesday?” Sandberg asked rhetorically. “It’s within a couple of days to get the final results.”
Why the wait? Does he know if the delay was to get the swelling down?
“I don’t,” Sandberg responded.  
The Phillies aren’t in any rush. If Lee is out for the remainder of the season, and he likely is, there appears to be no hurry to find out what’s wrong. Lee underwent an exam on Saturday that didn’t reveal much, according to the manager. Sort of like disclosures on the pitcher’s condition.

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