Rollins talks trade rumors, Phils' hits record

Rollins talks trade rumors, Phils' hits record
February 19, 2014, 3:15 pm
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Jimmy Rollins has many goals he wants to accomplish with the Phillies. Winning another World Series is at the top of the list. (USA Today Images)

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Jimmy Rollins’ name has been mentioned in trade rumors for over a year now. The rumors were particularly hot last summer and briefly warmed up again this offseason.

Rollins is amused by it all.

“Trade rumors are kind of funny,” the 35-year-old shortstop said Wednesday at Phillies camp.

Rollins can’t be traded anywhere without his consent. As a veteran of 10 years in the major leagues, five with the same club, he has full veto power over trades.

So would Rollins ever waive those no-trade rights?

Down the road -- maybe.

But not anytime soon.

“I’m not planning on waiving my no-trade clause,” he said during a sit-down with Marshall Harris on Wednesday. “My plan is to bring a championship back here, to be honest.

“So until something else happens and the situation presents itself where it may help the team -- then I’ll think about it. But until then there’s nothing to think about.”

Rollins said last season that he had no interest in waiving his no-trade clause because there were still things he wanted to accomplish in a Phillies uniform.

He made it clear Wednesday that winning another championship was tops on his list.

But there is also that career hits record. Already the Phillies’ all-time leader in doubles (457), Rollins needs just 60 hits to surpass Mike Schmidt as the franchise’s leader in that category.

Schmidt had 2,234 hits. Richie Ashburn ranks second on the Phillies’ list with 2,217 and Ed Delahanty is third with 2,213. Rollins has 2,175.

“It would mean a lot,” he said of the hits record.

“One, you played a lot. You played every day.

“Two, you’re impactful. You’re helping your team win. You don’t just go up there and get hits for the sake of getting hits. Every hit means something

“Three, Mike Schmidt is the man. He’s the standard. No, I’m not going to be better than Mike Schmidt in those terms, but as far as the hits category goes, I have a chance to be the number one guy and that’s what you aspire to be in any organization if you have the chance.

“Obviously, when you first start you have no idea what the numbers are. You have no idea how long you’re going to be there or how good you’re going to be. But when you’re sitting in that position, it’s like pole position No. 1 and you want to take advantage of it.”

Rollins will make $11 million this season. He needs 434 plate appearances to guarantee an $11 million option for 2015.