Should Phillies limit Rollins' plate appearances?

Should Phillies limit Rollins' plate appearances?
February 6, 2014, 6:30 pm
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With 434 plate appearances in 2014, Jimmy Rollins' 2015 option vests and the Phillies will owe him $11 million. It's an underrated storyline heading into a season full of what-ifs.

Only once in his career has Rollins amassed fewer than 434 plate appearances -- in 2010, when he played in just 88 games. Since his cup of coffee in 2000, he's averaged 681 PAs per year.

Rollins' production dipped significantly in 2013 and, while we can't be sure he's completely fallen off a cliff, it's difficult to imagine some power and speed returning for him at age 35.

Rollins hit .252/.318/.387 last season, with just six homers, a year after hitting 23. He did exhibit improved plate discipline and hit 36 doubles, so there was still some offensive value in there, especially for a position that has suffered as much offensively in recent years as shortstop.

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