.500 and 4 Back

.500 and 4 Back
September 12, 2012, 12:03 am
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Every single outcome went the way the Phillies wanted it to on Tuesday night. All four teams ahead of them in the wild card race found a way to lose. The Atlanta Braves lost to the Milwaukee Brewers. The Pittsburgh Pirates lost to the Cincinnati Reds. The L.A. Dodgers lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks. And the St. Louis Cardinals lost to San Diego Padres.

And the Phillies, helped by the ball bouncing their way, took care of business against the Marlins at CBP.

After the game, Jimmy Rollins talked about the need for a new kind of flag out in Ashburn Alley.

"This year we're trying to do something we've never done and that's win a wild card," Rollins told reporters. "We've got a lot of flags hanging up, but we don't have a wild card flag. So it'd be a good time to get one."

They're certainly making it interesting and getting people's attention back.

After their sixth-straight victory on Tuesday and the other games all falling in the Phillies favor, the Fightins now sit 4 games back in the wild card standing with 4 teams ahead of them and the Milwaukee Brewers neck and neck with them.

Clifton Phifer Lee throws today in an odd 4:05 start time to finish off the Fish and then it's off to Houston to take on the formidable Astros.

This could get really fun, people.


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