A Phillies Hat Alone Will Not Make You a Superhero

A Phillies Hat Alone Will Not Make You a Superhero
September 15, 2011, 7:38 am
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Nor will long underwear.

Sometimes we go to YouTube to look for interesting videos about the Phillies. Sometimes we get results that scare us, like the apparent travels of a self-proclaimed Superhero known as Long Underwear Man.

A little about Mr. Long Underwear Man: from his "about me" section he says, "My Name is Long Underwear Man I travel thoughout America to save the world." His interests include "Comics, SCI-FI, Horror, [and] Long underwear." [video below]

Originally from Chicago but currently living in New Jersey, Long Underwear Man appears to have a penchant for his Phillies hat as you can see him wearing it all over the country.

According to his Facebook page, his political views include that of the Socialist Party USA.

He's a Lady Gaga fan.

Somewhat surprisingly, according to his Facebook, Long Underwear Man is in a relationship.

But most kids learn at a young age that just because Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay often appear to have super powers, simply putting on a Phillies cap and some long underwear won't do the same for you.

It still may be a good idea for some of those October playoff games when it gets chilly out. Just do us all a favor and wear like six more layers next time, will ya?

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