Amaro on Charlie Manuel Being Back in 2013, Chase Playing Third, and Losing That Winning Feeling

Amaro on Charlie Manuel Being Back in 2013, Chase Playing Third, and Losing That Winning Feeling
September 7, 2012, 4:01 am
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Maybe it's the ring and all the new pennants in Ashburn Alley. Maybe it's the record since the trade deadline, after injured stars returned to help fill out makeshift lineups. Whatever the reason, Ruben Amaro Jr indicated yesterday that Charlie Manuel's job is safe, that he will be the Phillies manager in 2013. 
Amaro spoke to CSNPhilly's Jim Salisbury on a wide range of topics, including the manager's job security. He said there was "no question" Charlie will be in the Phillies dugout next opening day. You can read the full two-part interview here and here

While he admits he doesn't agree with everything Charlie does, Amaro credits his manager's results given the circumstances of the 2012 season. Sully and the GM also talk Ryne Sandberg, the possibility of Chase Utley at third, expectations for the eighth inning guy, looking outside the organization for a centerfielder, what the current outfielders can or can't bring to the table, and Kyle Kendrick's ideal role. And, he does allude to his belief that years of success may have had a deleterious effect on the clubhouse. 

We're big Charlie fans and agree with Amaro's position that an injury-plagued season can't be blamed on a manager, regardless of whether there've been some head-scratching decisions. A hypothetical interview with Manuel might net similar phrasings about not agreeing with everything the GM does, but not blaming him for a down 2012. Hopefully, if there is a downside to a lost 2012, it will be a renewed interest in not seeing it happen again next year. Whether it's the clubhouse effect Ruben mentioned or preparations made by individual players, the team architects, and the manager, there is obviously room for improvement beyond just getting healthy. 
It's a relatively candid interview on some major topics that will shape the Phillies' off-season plans. Worth a read. 
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