Back Issues for Oswalt, Phils Lose

Back Issues for Oswalt, Phils Lose
April 19, 2011, 7:57 pm
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Roy Oswalt was having a solid night for the Phils when he had to leave the game in the seventh inning after tweaking his back, which became noticeable after he ran to first base in the sixth. Early word indicated it was a mild strain, and Oswalt said afterward that he felt some mid-back spasms in the fifth inning, which tightened up on that trip to first in the sixth. He hopes to make his next start, but who knows. The bullpen hadn't been needed in the past two games, but tonight, it let the Phils down after the starter was forced to leave.

Oswalt let up a pair of runs to the Marlins, including a solo shot to social media darling Logan Morrison, but he left the game with a 3-2 lead in the hands of his bullpen for three innings. Shane Victorino had led off two different innings with walks, scoring in each of them. Raul Ibanez plated a pair, and Ryan Howard sac'd in a run.

But in the seventh, after Oswalt had to come out, LoMo beat out an infield single with JC Romero on the mound, at which point Danys Baez came in and soiled the bed. A walk, a hit, and a two-RBI single (by none other than Greg Dobbs) later, the Marlins had a 4-3 lead they would hang onto through the final frames.

Not a great start to a high-stakes Philly sports weekend. The loss isn't a big deal, but hopefully Oswalt's back doesn't end up being more serious than it currently sounds. Here's some video from the clubhouse after the game. 

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