Better Bat Flip: Sarge or Chooch?

Better Bat Flip: Sarge or Chooch?
May 3, 2012, 9:46 am
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Carlos Ruiz had a career night last night - knocking in seven runs in the Phils 15-13 loss to Atlanta. In the bottom of the sixth Ruiz threw out Jason Heyward, who was trying to steal second. Chooch came to the plate in the top half of the next frame and hit a three-run home run off of Eric O'Flaherty to put the Phils (temporarily) back on top.

For anyone watching, the highlight of Chooch's home run was his bat flip after launching the ball into the left field seats. As he's become more and more comfortable in the big leagues Ruiz has gotten a bit more expressive. Stone-faced and quiet his first few years with the Phils, Chooch's personality is on display much more often.
The bat flip took things to a whole other level, which got me thinking about the best Phils bat flips of all time. For me, the list begins and ends with Sarge's bat flip in Game Four of the 1983 NLCS against Jerry Reuss and the Dodgers. However, the Chooch-flip was fantastic in its own right. Which was better? You decide.

Videos after the Jump...

First, courtesy of Zoo With Roy's TwitVid account, is the Chooch-flip.

Next, Sarge's absolutely dismissive-how-dare-you-insult-me-with-that-pitch-didn't-you-know-what-I-was-going-to-with-that-junk-don't-bring-that-mess-to-me bat flip.

Well, which was better?

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