Buy Your Very Own 2008 Phillies World Series Ring On eBay

Buy Your Very Own 2008 Phillies World Series Ring On eBay
February 9, 2012, 6:27 am
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How bad do you want a World Series Ring? Or perhaps the better question is how much money do you have to waste?

A former member of the Phillies front office who has chosen to remain nameless to this point has placed their ring from the 2008 WFC Phillies season up on eBay. Starting bid is just a shade under $20,000, so you may have to crack open your Carlos Ruiz piggy bank.

A few more details:

-The ring is 14 karat white gold and contains 103 diamonds totaling 3.84 karats
-The 103 diamonds represent the 92 regular season and 11 postseason wins for the Phillies in 2008.
top of the ring is crowned with a ruby inlay and the Phillies signature
"P". The "P" is inset with diamonds and sits upon a panel of pave set
bright cut diamonds.The title "World Champions" is written along the
rings top and bottom outer rim which is also bordered in diamonds.
left side of the ring features the team's name, Phillies, written in
script across the front of the City of Philadelphia's most identifiable
landmark, the Liberty Bell. The bell and clangor are inlaid with 11
diamonds, symbolic of the team's 11 wins in the 2008 postseason. The
employees last name is written prominently above the bell. Crossed bats
appear directly beneath the bell.
championship year, 2008, stands out across the right top side of the
ring. Two diamond baguettes have been placed within the zeros to signify
the clubs two world championships. The World Series trophy rising out
of Citizens Bank PArk signifies the tremendous support of our fans who
cheered the team on throughout the entire 2008 regular season and
postseason games. The 2008 World Series team logos and final score in
games (4-1) are noted on either side of the trophy.

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