Cesar Hernandez Thought He Worked the Elusive Three Ball Walk

Cesar Hernandez Thought He Worked the Elusive Three Ball Walk
September 14, 2013, 12:24 pm
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It was another crappy game for the Phillies on Friday night down in Washington where they were handled rather easily by the Nationals to the tune of 6-1. It was the Nats seventh straight victory as they try to make a real push to win a wild card spot.

Kyle Kendrick was particularly bad but that's nothing new as of late so let's take a look at Cesar Hernandez's boneheaded move.

Hernandez pulled the old jog to first after ball three gag but the ump wasn't fooled. Nor was anybody, really. Even T-Mac was right on tap of the call. I don't like to put too much into the silly mistake, especially after CSN's John Finger just wrote some nice praise about Hernandez's versatility yesterday. Cesar had never played in the outfield in his 567 minor league games prior to this season, but he's played 10 out of his 11 games with the Phillies in centerfield.

Hernandez talked about needing to stay more focused in center:

“It was a long way from home plate,” Hernandez said in Spanish. “Used to being so close to the action, so I kind of get that. I understand it. To go out there, you really have to be in the game. When you’re an infielder and you go to the outfield, you really have to focus a little more on the game because home plate is further away from you and it feels like maybe at times, if you haven’t been out there at all, the ball is not gonna be hit to you.

“Whereas the infield, you’re on the balls of your feet, glove down, really low waiting for the hot shot. Out there, it’s like that, but you really have to stay focused if the ball is coming your way.”

And maybe he needs to be a bit more focused when he's at home plate too.

Silver Lining: Dom Brown made his first appearance in almost two weeks as a pinch hitter. Could be nice to see his bat back in the lineup soon because otherwise what a poor lineup.

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