Charlie Manuel Gives His Farewell Radio Broadcast on 1210

Charlie Manuel Gives His Farewell Radio Broadcast on 1210
August 24, 2013, 11:29 am
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“In baseball I got to do something I truly cherish. And not that many people get to do that.”

Charlie Manuel talked with host Rickie Ricardo at The Shops at Liberty Place for his final broadcast on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.  Fans gathered at the rotunda to watch the broadcast and show their appreciation, holding signs provided by the station with messages like “World Champion Charlie” and “Charlie’s Angels.”

[for more photos from Charlie Manuel's final radio show, check out the Flickr gallery here]

Manuel reflected on his career, from his time in Japan to managing a championship team in Philadelphia.  Of that transition, he commented that his time adjusting and gaining acceptance in Philly was never a concern, having had overcome a much bigger cultural hurdle in Japan.  He came to Philadelphia not expecting to be manager, as Ed Wade had all but made it clear that Larry Bowa would be his guy.  Now with his time as manager behind him, Manuel plans to go home and “do some thinking,” as well as fish, golf, examine his options.

Manuel fielded questions from the audience with his usual humility.  When a fan suggested a statue be built at Citizens Bank Park in his honor, Manuel responded that if there was a statue of him, there would have to be one of all the players because they are the ones who make it happen.  Manuel characterized baseball as a “second-guessing game,” explaining that every decision that turns out wrong can be second-guessed, “and that's what makes it good.”

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