Charlie Manuel Goes to Space

Charlie Manuel Goes to Space
March 26, 2012, 12:13 pm
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Local artist David Jablow is back just in time for the start of another Phillies campaign with his fourth installment of Dugout Phunnies, an original comic book featuring your favorite Philadelphia baseball players and their sea shell collecting manager.

Here's a sneak peak at what to expect in the new issue that goes on sale on April 1st. Hint: Charlie Manuel goes to space. No word on if there are any mountains.

From the website to go along with his comic, Jablow writes:

Just in time for opening day, it’s Dugout Phunnies, everybody’s favorite
all-original Philadelphia Phillies comic book. For Issue 4, the guys
are headed into space to save the planet from an ominous alien threat.
Will Jim Thome remember how to fly the space shuttle? Will Doc wrestle
any space snakes? Will Mayberry and his super-science brain save the
day? Will Vanimal get the girl? Will Polly’s vast collection of Star
Wars memorabilia come in handy whatsoever? Issue 4 answers these
questions and more. But wait … it’s a two-part series with the
exciting conclusion to come later this summer? Yes, it is! How’s that
for a cliffhanger?

The preview absolutely makes you want to see the whole wacky tale. Charlie Manuel stumbles into a NASA space station while looking for sand dollars down in Florida during the offseason? Amazing. The Deathstar-like alien ship is shaped like a baseball bat and may try to hit the earth into the sun? Awesome. Placido Polanco has a Star Wars collection. Even better.

You can order issue No. 4 here and read about the Phillies adventures trying to fight aliens. No word if Jose Reyes makes an appearance.

Space snakes!

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