Charlie Manuel on working with Phils in 2014: 'I'm fired up and ready to go'

Charlie Manuel on working with Phils in 2014: 'I'm fired up and ready to go'
February 5, 2014, 12:02 pm
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If Charlie Manuel was upset at the timing of his firing in the middle of the 2013 season, it sure sounds like he's gotten over it.

Manuel was a guest on Philly Sports Talk on CSN on Tuesday evening and chatted with Michael Barkann, Jim Salisbury, and Rich Hoffmann.

"I was a little surprised," Manuel said about being inducted onto the Phillies Wall of Fame. "But at the same time I always thought that I'm part of Philly, I belong in Philly. I want to thank the fans, I want to thank the organization, and most of all I want to thank the players."

Some other highlights:

- Right off the bat Manuel tells the folks on TV that "they sound good"

- On this year with the Phillies: "I'm going to stay active. I think I'm gonna work a bit more than the Phillies think I am. I'm a repetition guy. I'm an arm and hammer guy. Basically what that is, that's strong back and a weak mind. I gotta work. I plan on doing some work with minor leaguers and also scouting, evaluating talent. I want to stay busy."

- Sitting at home this winter seemed to re-energize Charlie again. "I'm fired up and ready to go again if you want to know the truth."

- Manuel will not be in spring training with the team as he doesn't want to be a distraction

- On Ryan Howard: "He's certainly working hard this winter. He's got to put more into it as far as repetition and things. At times he doesn't like to hit a whole lot, but at the same time I think he's got to be prepared, more preparation staying focused on what he's doing. I think the talent is still there. I think he can come back and have a big year."

- Finally, Charlie offers to buy the crew dinner

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