Charlie Manuel, Vance Worley Star in Phillies Postgame Comedy Hour

Charlie Manuel, Vance Worley Star in Phillies Postgame Comedy Hour
June 25, 2011, 5:35 am
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For most of the night, the only thing really laughable in the Phillies-A's series opener was the inability by either team to get a hit. Credit both sides' defenses with a lot of that, because despite carrying dual no-hitters into the sixth inning, the starting pitching wasn't exactly crisp all night. Vance Worley allowed just one hit in six innings, but part of his no-hit effectiveness included walking four batters. A's starter Guillermo Moscoso let up two hits over seven, walking three of his own.

It wasn't a terrible night for Worley, who also struck out four. But he wasn't thrilled with his outing, taking a moment in the post-game press appearance to have some fun at his own expense.

Pretty sweet mohawk, too. Fortunately, with both sides being equally ineffective at the plate, the opportunity was there for the Phils to take advantage of being at home and win in it in the bottom of the ninth, giving Charlie Manuel the opportunity to crack a few jokes after the game. Video below.

With Brian Fuentes on the mound for the Beane Ballers, the Phils finally got their offense in gear. Shane Victorino worked a leadoff walk, moved to second on a single by Dom Brown and third on a groundout by Brian Scheider, where he stood when mighty Benny came to the plate.

Francisco's swing was far from pretty, his hit nowhere near a screamer, spiking hard into the dirt of the home plate cutout. But it caught a wicked enough bounce to easily clear Scott Sizemore at third base and score Victorino for the walkoff win.

I was out with family, with the Phils on the outdoor TV on a pretty nice summer night in Delco. Easily the highlight of the night was when Charlie strode to the mic for his postgame presser. Everyone just kind of got quiet, knowing that there's often some gold in these. Last night certainly didn't disappoint. Here's just a sample, where he talks about something a little concerning, the health of Ryan Madson, but with trademark levity and candor:

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