Charlie On Managing Benny-Dom-Mayberry-Raul

Charlie On Managing Benny-Dom-Mayberry-Raul
May 20, 2011, 7:18 pm
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Charlie Manuel was asked following Friday night's 3-2 victory about how he plans to manage his outfield now that Dom Brown has arrived. He said before the game that he plans to ease Brown into the outfield rotation, starting No. 9 predominantly against right-handers initially.

So how do the right-handed options of Ben Francisco and John Mayberry Jr. differ? Charlie says Benny hits a fastball better, but Mayberry runs better and plays a little bit better defense.

So how will Manuel pick who he pencils in on any given night?

"I guess I might want to get lucky," Manuel said to chuckles in the press room. "I want to put the guys in the game that are gonna do something. I don't think that'll work all the time. I'd like to establish a guy that I can use most of the time. It's kind of up to how they play."

So it seems Manuel isn't entirely sure, which leads me to believe his gut is going to be seeing a lot of action while filling out lineup cards in the next few months.

Charlie did say that either Francisco or Mayberry could see time in left as Ibanez could use occasional blows.

In a game that doesn't always require a ton of decisions from the skipper, the Phillies outfield situation will clearly keep people's eyes on Manuel's management of personnel there.

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