Chase Utley Gets a Day Off

Chase Utley Gets a Day Off
May 25, 2011, 10:58 am
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Charlie Manuel and the Phillies weren't kidding this time around when they said they were going to be very careful in the monitoring of Chase Utley's playing time. Wednesday night's lineup was just posted by the Phillies and Utley will get the night off after two straight starts since returning from the DL.

Ben Fransisco will start in right field and bat in the two-hole while Wilson Valdez will man second base and bat eighth. Tonight's full lineup is posted here.

Manuel has said he has a schedule in mind, which he keeps in his desk, as to when Utley would get off days. Perhaps it has something to do with Roy Halladay being the starting pitcher, assuming the Phillies won't need as much offense to get the win when the Doc is doing his thing.

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