Chase Utley Goes 0-5, Is Awesome In Debut

Chase Utley Goes 0-5, Is Awesome In Debut

Chase Utley's return to Citizens Bank Park on Monday night brought 45,841 fans out to South Philadelphia, the most ever for a regular season game at the new park. No. 26 was greeted to a raucous standing ovation as he walked to the plate in the first inning, with fans on their feet for half of his first at-bat.

"I definitely sensed how loud the crowd was. I tried to tune them out a little bit, but they were a little bit too loud. We'll take that all day long," Utley said.

Chase wouldn't do much else on the field the rest of the night that would be deserving of applause from the usually harsh Philly crowd, but he heard cheers all night long regardless. Utley finished the night 0-5 with one strikeout, but fans were simply elated with the fact that the team put up a 10 spot on the day he returned.

As Charlie Manuel mentioned before the game, Chase's mere presence and demeanor can take a bit of pressure off of the guys and his quiet leadership can be felt by teammates. I joked on Twitter during the game that "Chase Utley looked at Placido Polanco, so Polly hit a 2-run home run."

Asked whether he thought his presence had something to do with his fellow teammates lighting up the scoreboard, Chase brushed it off.

"I don't know, I think definitely the crowd had something to do with it too."

Utley may not have had a good night at the plate, but he was playing second base for the Phillies. For some fans, that step alone was a welcomed one -- a big win certainly helps.

"I put a lot of hard work over the past couple months to get to this point. I was just happy to be out there."

Now to up that hit total.


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Ed Rendell, Jim Kenney roast Chris Christie for ripping Eagles fans

Ed Rendell, Jim Kenney roast Chris Christie for ripping Eagles fans

What a week it's been for Chris Christie. 

After watching his top-seeded Cowboys be picked apart by Aaron Rodgers in the divisional round, and being passed over for a position in Donald Trump's administration, the New Jersey governer called Eagles fans "generally angry, awful people."

He can now add being torched by Former Pennsylvania governer Ed Rendell and Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney to that list. 

"You understand how his approval rating is probably the lowest of any governer in the country," Rendell said. 

(Three fire emojis).

"In retrospect, the governer's had a pretty rough couple years," Kenney said. "His presidential campaign crashed and burned, his bromance with the President-Elect didn't seem to go anywhere. I understand why he may be a little bitter or angry."

Boom. Roasted.

Watch the full video for more.

We finally found something (not great) about Joel Embiid: Manziel Buddy?

We finally found something (not great) about Joel Embiid: Manziel Buddy?

Ugh. Joel Embiid may not be perfect.

He may be buddies with Johnny Manziel, at least according to the former NFL hopeful turned party boy.

It all started when Manziel took to Twitter today to talk about doing a free autograph signing for the people of Texas.

The Twitter rant also included this strange line: "No lie.. I was a [bad word] in 2016 I'm just trying to be a good PERSON again#LostInTheSauce."

Hey, owning it is the first step to recovery, right? 

Also, he knows how to get Twitter's attention:



After doing one Google search, there were reports of the pair hanging over the summer in LA. From Busted Coverage:

[Manziel] was tearing up the Warick LA lounge with his Los Angeles friends at a party that included Jerome Boateng from Bayern Munich, Kendra Wilkinson and Joel Embiid among others.

More to this as we learn it...