Cole Hamels Nominated for a Curious Hall of Fame

Cole Hamels Nominated for a Curious Hall of Fame
September 26, 2012, 12:19 pm
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2012 may not have been a year of great team success for Cole Hamels and the Phillies but the Philadelphia ace reached a career high in wins and also set his family up financially for the rest of his life with a giant new contract. On top of these individual accomplishments, Hamels has been nominated for a Hall of Fame.

Which Hall of Fame you ask? How about the Hotties Hall of Fame at the Lousiville Slugger Museum and Factory in Kentucky.

According to our sources, seven of the ten inaugural Hall of Famers have been chosen already and include the likes of Ted Williams, Jim Palmer, Lou Gehrig, and Derek Jeter. But the final three spots are up for you to select.

The Hotties Hall exhibit opened last week in Louisville and Cole Hamels is on the short list of being enshrined.

If you want to get Cole Hamels a permanent spot on the wall, ladies (and gentlemen), you can vote for him right here.

All photos courtesy of the Louisville Slugger Museum

Check out the full photo gallery, including a shot of the Kissing Bandit Morganna's bra, of the Hotties Hall of Fame here.

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