Day Game: Cliff Lee Looks to Salvage Another Split

Day Game: Cliff Lee Looks to Salvage Another Split
April 25, 2013, 8:24 am
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As fans, it seems as though we've all come to expect something around the level of mediocrity from the current iteration of the Philadelphia Phillies. That's fine. It's still fun at times to cheer on a team that you know isn't a playoff favorite. There's still a chance and all that.

But what still really pisses you off is when fundamentals get thrown out the window. When a guy makes a boneheaded decision to attempt to stretch a single into a double or gets thrown out at home. Base running blunders are seemingly among the most infuriating. These people have been playing baseball for their entire lives. They should have this stuff down by now.

That's why Wednesday night was so damn annoying to watch. Not because the offense failed to rally late or because the bullpen couldn't hold on -- those things are part of the game, they happen sometimes, even on good teams. But mental mistakes and dumb plays that a professional baseball player should make nine times out of ten, those things are what really make you want to change the channel.

Thankfully, I guess, they're back at it today at 1:05 with Cliff Lee on the hill. If there's a guy who can show up on your TV and make you feel pretty good about baseball two hours later, it's Cliff. He'll face James McDonald (2-2, 4.12) for the Buccos.

The major note this afternoon is that Ben Revere mercifully gets a rest. Michael Young gets a breather as well after his hitting streak came to an end.

1. Rollins
2. Frandsen
3. Utley
4. Howard
5. Nix
6. Brown
7. Carrera
8. Kratz
9. Lee

Let's not ruin a perfectly nice day, whatdya say, Phils?

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