Dom Brown Befriended and Worked with Gary Sheffield

Dom Brown Befriended and Worked with Gary Sheffield
February 21, 2012, 5:08 am
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Older All-Star baseball players sometimes befriend younger, rising stars in the hopes of passing on some of the knowledge they've acquired over the years. Ryan Howard had famously befriended Barry Bonds a few years back. Today, we learn of young Dom Brown befriending and working with Gary Sheffield. [video below]

The Inquirer's Matt Gelb informs us that the two struck up a friendship and that Shef tried to help Brown with his hitting at his Tampa area batting facility. Now, I'm not sure if we should be hoping for Shelffield's insane bat wiggle or not -- he did hit 509 career home runs -- but some of that nasty bat speed would do Dom wonders.

Working with Sheffield apparently boosted Brown's confidence and he expects to fight for a job on the 25-man roster and wants one badly. He's also rocking a faux-hawk which you can kinda see here.

Read the full story about Dom Brown and Gary Sheffield here.


How awkward would it be if D-Brown showed up swinging like this?

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