Dom Brown changes his tune: ‘I know the Philly fans love me’

Dom Brown changes his tune: ‘I know the Philly fans love me’
October 22, 2013, 2:32 pm
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Domonic Brown caught some flak this week after Tweeting a photo of himself wearing a Cowboys jersey at the Linc on Sunday. He seemingly made matters worse by replying to fans with pouty statements such as, “Philly doesn’t love me,” and intimating he wouldn’t mind being traded.

So Dom went on 97.5 The Fanatic on Tuesday to settle his Twitter beef with Philly fans once and for all and do a little damage control in the process. Brown spun his responses as just having some fun with his followers, and expressed a mutual love for the city of Philadelphia and its fans.

Just don’t expect him to switch football allegiances anytime soon.

I was just posting a pic. I grew up a Cowboys fan [...] I'm not changing my NFL team because I play in Philadelphia.

That's the Philly love, though. That's the reason why I love the city...because the fans are so passionate.

On a serious note, I know the Philly fans love me [...] I had a standing ovation my first at bat. I know the fans love me.

The one thing I would suggest is Brown still misses the point a bit when he defends being a Cowboys fan. Most rational people understand pro athletes come from all over and may have different rooting interests. It’s just transmitting pictures like that to thousands of followers who no doubt cheer Philly all the way could be construed by some as disrespectful.

You can argue that is the mentality of a child or Neanderthal. Whether it or it isn’t, Brown opens himself up to unnecessary criticism by flaunting that stuff, which is fine too as long as he can take the heat.

You can listen to the interview and decide for yourself on this ultra important issue of our day. I just have one more thing to add that’s been bugging me: I know Brown is from Miami, but would he really be okay with being traded for Giancarlo Stanton? And, you know, playing for the Marlins?

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