Dom Brown Talks Haters, Hitters, Hunger in MLB Network Profile

Dom Brown Talks Haters, Hitters, Hunger in MLB Network Profile
June 25, 2013, 3:26 pm
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The Domonation has slowed down a little bit of late, with the Phils' recently unquenchable left-fielder now on a 14-game homerless streak, his longest of the season. But Dom's month-plus hot streak was so very hot that he's still easily the Phils' best hitter on the season, leading the team in hits, homers, runs and RBIs, and that's good enough to get him a profile on MLB Network, courtesy of anchor Alanna Rizzo.

There's not a ton of revelations to be had here, but it's good to get a look up close at Dom's relatively unflappable demeanor, and he has some quotes of minor interest about receiving wisdom from Chase Utley ("Everybody knows Chase is not going to seek you out. He’s that guy that if you want advice then come up to him"), getting snubbed in the All-Star voting ("I think a lot of people don’t know who Domonic Brown is yet") and keeping detailed records of the professional haters ("I tell my parents to just keep the articles, good or bad, and after I get finished with my career, we’ll go back and look at all those things").

Hey Dom, we've never said anything not nice about you, promise. Don't go looking back in our archives to try to find it or anything.

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