Dom Brown wears Cowboys jersey to the Linc, pouts over backlash

Dom Brown wears Cowboys jersey to the Linc, pouts over backlash
October 21, 2013, 2:47 pm
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The fact that Domonic Brown is a Cowboys fan isn’t a big deal. Sure, Phillies fans may find it distasteful, but most rational people understand professional athletes come from all over the place and have their own rooting interests. Keep showing up for work every day, don’t rub it in, and nobody would even notice or care.

But once that professional athlete goes to the Eagles-Cowboys game at the Linc decked out in full Dallas apparel—and transmits a photo for all the world to see no less—all bets are off. That’s exactly what Dom did this Sunday, and now he’s taken to whining on Twitter over criticism of his actions. A sampling via Corey Seidman on Beerleaguer:

"Philly loves you but don't tell Philly fans you like the cowboys cause no one likes a cowboys fan," one fan tweeted at Brown.

His response: "Philly doesn't love me. I get boo's almost everynight. No big deal use to it."

As far as the fan who included Brown in a tweet reading "#tradedombrown for Giancarlo," Brown responded with a simple "Tell the Phillies."

Philly doesn’t love Dom Brown? He hears boos almost every night?

Right. He was getting booed all the time during an All-Star season.

Whether or not Brown did anything “wrong” by attending the Eagles game in Cowboys gear is in the eye of the beholder. Again, who he roots for in the NFL is his business.

Go boys

— Domonic Brown (@dom9brown) October 20, 2013

Do athletes have a responsibility to be sensitive to the market and fanbase they represent though? He could have attended the game, even worn his ugly Cowboys stuff, and no one ever would’ve been the wiser had he just kept it to himself. Instead, he sent that photo out to over 16,000 followers, many of whom are undoubtedly Philly fans all the way.

And then he wants to take issue with the backlash? You poked the bear, Dom. There’s a way to go about things, and then there is this.

At the end of the day, are people going to care if Dom Brown continues posting All-Star seasons? I’m not sure how many people care now to be honest. The aftermath is what gets me though. What did he expect when he Tweeted that?

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