Domonic Brown Adopts Pitbull Puppy, Touches Our Hearts

Domonic Brown Adopts Pitbull Puppy, Touches Our Hearts
August 20, 2013, 1:50 pm
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Photo from Green Street Animal Rescue

It all started with Domonic Brown asking Twitter where he could find a new best friend.

Im Looking for a pitbull pup . Can someone help me? #pitbull #dog

— Domonic Brown (@dom9brown) August 19, 2013

Now, thanks to Greene Street Animal Rescue, Brown has been united with an adorable pitbull puppy named Wreck (an homage to the 2013 season or just a happy coincidence?).  Sure, it'll be a challenging time ahead, what with the puppy not being quite potty trained at a young age, and everyone in Philadelphia overreacting to it not being potty trained yet, even though it's pretty young to be potty trained in the first place.  Things will only get more trying when Ruben Amaro keeps calling, telling Brown to bring the dog inside then outside then inside, and gets outraged when everyone questions if he's harming its development by doing this.  But even if fans give up on this scrappy little dog, rest assured they will all forget they ever doubted it once it starts hitting home runs and the season becomes all but an academic exercise.

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