Fingernails to Be Chewed as Roy Halladay Goes for Career Win No. 200

Fingernails to Be Chewed as Roy Halladay Goes for Career Win No. 200

Roy Halladay's spring numbers sparked talk of the Curse of 35, references to Jamie Moyer, and the general belief that the sky is falling down.

After picking apart each one of his six spring appearances, it's almost as if Roy Halladay has already been declared "done." If that's the reaction to the guy's spring — when the games don't mean anything — then the rush to write off Halladay likely won't take long if he falters out of the gate.

Roy gets his first shot to shake off his scary spring when he and the Phillies face Paul Malholm and the Braves at 7:10 p.m. (MyPHL17).

It's worth mention that if Halladay is in the process of reinventing himself, as he's admitted, the reinvention might not happen overnight. So even if Roy gets out to a rough start in April, it's not inconceivable that he could improve throughout the season just like any other pitcher.

Nonetheless, all eyes are on Roy tonight and all the talk will be about his performance come tomorrow. In a perfect world, he breaks eight or nine faces and is back in time to hit up the zoo with the penguin in the morning.

However this start or this season turns out, Doc's already had such a stellar career that a win tonight would give him the 200th of his career, making him only the fourth pitcher in Phillies history to get No. 200 while wearing red pinstipes. The other three — Steve Carlton, Robin Roberts and, according to Wisniewski over at Beerleaguer:

"Guy Weyhing, of course! In 1893, when he finished 23-16."

Good ol', Guy.

Hey, no pressure, Roy. Just another start, right you guys?

Chip Kelly still jobless after swinging and missing with Jaguars

Chip Kelly still jobless after swinging and missing with Jaguars

Chip Kelly's job search continues.

The beloved (sarcasm) former Eagles head coach reportedly interviewed for the Jaguars' offensive coordinator opening. However, on Wednesday night, Jacksonville announced it was retaining Nathaniel Hackett as its OC.

“We are excited to announce Nathaniel Hackett as our offensive coordinator and he will immediately be tasked with installing and implementing our offense this offseason,” Jaguars new head coach Doug Marrone said in a statement from the team. “I have had the pleasure of working with Nathaniel for seven consecutive seasons and know firsthand how knowledgeable and passionate he is about winning.”

So, Kelly swung and miss twice on the Jaguars, as he reportedly interviewed for Jacksonville's head coaching job, as well.

"I’m not going to close the door on any opportunity, but I have to be very smart in what I do next,” Kelly said, via, two days after his firing as 49ers head coach. “I don’t have to take anything, but I wouldn’t rule anything out. I need to make sure that I’m in the right situation.

“I don’t know what the future holds. I’ll do my due diligence. I’m not going to coach just to coach.”

Kelly's decline is staggering, even if you saw it coming.

Look at this NFL coaching history ...

With Eagles in 2013: 10-6, wild-card playoff berth
With Eagles in 2014: 10-6, missed playoffs
With Eagles in 2015: 6-9, fired before final regular-season game
With 49ers in 2016: 2-14, fired after regular season

Who knows what's next for the Chipper?

Ed Rendell, Jim Kenney roast Chris Christie for ripping Eagles fans

Ed Rendell, Jim Kenney roast Chris Christie for ripping Eagles fans

What a week it's been for Chris Christie. 

After watching his top-seeded Cowboys be picked apart by Aaron Rodgers in the divisional round, and being passed over for a position in Donald Trump's administration, the New Jersey governer called Eagles fans "generally angry, awful people."

He can now add being torched by Former Pennsylvania governer Ed Rendell and Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney to that list. 

"You understand how his approval rating is probably the lowest of any governer in the country," Rendell said. 

(Three fire emojis).

"In retrospect, the governer's had a pretty rough couple years," Kenney said. "His presidential campaign crashed and burned, his bromance with the President-Elect didn't seem to go anywhere. I understand why he may be a little bitter or angry."

Boom. Roasted.

Watch the full video for more.