Five years ago today we learned what winning felt like

Five years ago today we learned what winning felt like
October 29, 2013, 1:58 pm
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Before I even got to the ball park on October 29th, 2008, I had that feeling that so many others had that day: that this would be the day the Phillies finally bring a championship to the city of Philadelphia during my lifetime. I remember screaming and jumping up and down and saying out loud to nobody in particular that "They're going to do it. Holy shit, they're actually going to do it. This is happening." Then they did it. And we partied.

The memory that is most vivid to me is the subway ride from the ball park down to Walnut-Locust. The entire car was signing Queen's "We Are the Champions" and you couldn't find someone without a giant smile. I'll never forget the noise coming up the subway steps on to Broad Street. It was amazing.

Here are some photos I took that night. They're not very good photos but they're what I have from that day and they're some awesome memories somewhere in there. I dug them out today to take a look at them. Figured one or two of you might appreciate.

What a night that was. Do you have a personal memory that stands out?

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