Former Sixer Matt Geiger Gets Ejected from MLB Game

Former Sixer Matt Geiger Gets Ejected from MLB Game
April 23, 2012, 10:37 am
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We've checked in with former Sixers player Matt Geiger a few times over the past few years, mostly to point out that he still had enough money to buy ridiculously outrageous mansions, then wanted to sell said mansion because he was having a kid but had quite a bit of trouble doing so, and also because someone had the audacity to call him a "retired NBA star."

Gieger is back in the news this morning after getting in the way of a live ball in play at a baseball game in Tampa where the Twins were taking on the Rays. Notice he walks out of the stadium with security by himself. You think the former NBA player goes to baseball games solo?

I solicited jokes about Geiger from the Level team this afternoon. Kulp's was the best:

"Matt Geiger was an electrifying basketball player at both ends of the court."

UPDATE: Apparently Geiger was not kicked out of the park all together but rather "relocated" from his posh seats.

[watch video of Matt Geiger interfering with a foul ball here]

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