Getting to Know the New Phillies: Ty Wigginton Delivered a Baby

Getting to Know the New Phillies: Ty Wigginton Delivered a Baby
February 8, 2012, 6:54 am
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Anyone looking to start a Phillies player fan group for the newly acquired Ty Wigginton? May I suggest OBGTyN's? Wait, what? Yes, OBGTyN's.

You may know Wigginton as a right-handed hitting jack of all trades. The guy is incredibly versatile. He can play third, second, first, and both corner outfield spots. What you likely do not know is that his versatility extends to other aspects of his life. Like, oh say, delivering a baby in a bedroom closet.

In 2007, Wigginton, then a member of the Tampa Devil Rays, delivered his son Cannon. Like, literally delivered his son Cannon. His wife Angela went into labor early. She headed to their bedroom closet to get dressed for the trip to the hospital when she realized the baby got a great jump on her (likely thanks to a textbook secondary lead, right Wheels?). Next thing you know, Ty Wigginton is pressed into pinch-hitting duty.

From the February 17, 2007 Tampa Bay Times:

"Angela lying on the floor of the walk-in closet. Their 3-year-old son, Chase, sick and scared, locked in the adjacent bedroom, screaming, "Is Mommy o-tay?" Ty getting step-by-step instructions from a 911 operator, then having to give Angela the phone so he could have both hands free to tie the umbilical cord with a lace he took out of his shoe."

Yeah, Roy Halladay saving someone from an Amazonian anaconda was pretty badass. And Roy Oswalt covered head to toe in camouflage while hunting game is cool. But Ty Wigginton REMOVED HIS SHOELACE TO TIE OFF AN UMBLICAL CORD OF A BABY HE DELIVERED IN A BEDROOM CLOSET!.

Game. Set. Match. Wigginton.

Welcome to the Phillies, Ty!

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