Granderson for Ruf Sounds Okay

Granderson for Ruf Sounds Okay
October 22, 2012, 7:24 am
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Our pals over at Beerleaguer posted about the New York Daily News suggesting that one of the key things the Yankees should do this offseason is trade center fielder Curtis Granderson to the Phillies for prospect Darin Ruf. We'd be okay with that.

Daily News writer John Harper was none too pleased with Grandyman's strikeout rate in 2012 and believes that the Yankees brass isn't going to commit to him long term, so with one option year left on his contract the time to move him is now. The return desired by Mr. Harper is the Phillies' Ruf.

As J. Weitzel writes over at Beerleaguer, this seems like a no-brainer for Ruben, but it's still good to see Ruf is doing well down in Venezuela:

Ruf has caught fire in Venezuela, belting his fourth homer Sunday. In
eight games, he's hitting .276/.344/.724, enough to give, like, maybe,
two seconds pause over a Grandserson for Ruf trade.

Maybe we can get Granderson and A-Rod in some sort of package deal for Ruf and Erik Kratz, but only if the Yanks pay all of A-Rod's contract forever.

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