Halladay Returns to Ovation and Trash Thrown on Field (And to Top It Off Rauch Got Ejected)

Halladay Returns to Ovation and Trash Thrown on Field (And to Top It Off Rauch Got Ejected)
July 2, 2011, 3:20 pm
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Roy Halladay returned to Toronto to face the Blue Jays on Saturday and received a well-deserved, long standing ovation before making his first pitches of the game. Doc gave his former fans a show, thrown yet another complete game win, as the Phillies took game 2 of the series by a 5-3 count.

The Phillies' bats gave Halladay some decent support, particularly later in the game. The kind Canadian crowd began to sour after the Chase Utley bopped a two-run homer to get the Phils a 4-3 lead in the seventh. By the time the game was over, Blue Jays reliever Jon Rauch had been ejected, forcefully and with some amount of disrobing (video below, while it lasts), as had manager John Farrell. Long live umpire Alfonso Marquez. One Jays fan ran onto the field, and quite a few threw trash on it. Video below.

And on Canada Day weekend?!

Halladay stoically soldiered through the delays and distractions, facing only three batters in the bottom of the ninth, including his eighth strikeout of the day and inducing a double play after allowing a single. He let up an absolute bomb to Jose Bautista in the fourth, one that hit the windows in center and measured 449 feet. But overall, aside from a pair of runs in the fifth, Doc was the cyborg Toronto fans were accustomed to seeing for more than a decade.

Ryan Howard's RBI single in the first moved him ahead of Bobby Abreu on the Phillies all-time RBI list, where he now sits at 8th, with 815 in 958 games. Next on the list is Pat Burrell, who had 827 in 1306 games.

Here's Rauch getting tossed and losing his shirt. 

Things may be a little light the rest of the weekend, with most of us being out of town for the holiday weekend. My vacation also beginnnnnss now. Hope everyone has a great 4th of July.

Photo by Tom Szczerbowski-US Presswire

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