Here's Video of Michael Young Telling Howard Eskin 'You Suck'

Here's Video of Michael Young Telling Howard Eskin 'You Suck'
February 15, 2013, 11:09 am
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Philadelphia Phillies fans were lukewarm on the signing of third baseman Michael Young this offseason. Young has been an All-Star and strung together plenty of great seasons in Texas, but he's 36 this season and hasn't played much third base the past couple of years.

CSN Philly's John Gonzalez wrote today about Young having resided in Dallas, Texas for over a decade, which -- let's be honest -- can lead a person to some strange tendencies. How long did it take for a Philadelphian to ask him if he was a Cowboys fan, you may be wondering? He didn't even get passed the airport.

The convo started when 94WIP/FOX29 reporter Howard Eskin asked the very important question of whether or not he'll continue to be a Cowboys fan given his current 215 area code.

Before he ended Friday’s interview at Bright House Field, one reporter
(OK, fine, it was Howard Eskin) asked Young what he termed “an important
question.” Now that Young is with the Phillies, will he “give up being a
Cowboys fan?” Young’s reply was priceless.

“You suck,” he said to Eskin (jokingly).

Young should fit in just fine.

Michael Young, saying what many Philly fans have been thinking for decades.

And for the record, Young says he's not planning on ditching his Cowboys fandom. Which is fine. He needs to get used to getting booed playing in Philly.

Click here for the full text of Gonzo's article on Young.
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