Here's Video of the Live Ostriches at the Reading Fightin Phils

Here's Video of the Live Ostriches at the Reading Fightin Phils
April 2, 2013, 8:14 am
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The Reading Phillies name change to the Reading Fightin Phils was greeted with mixed results. But one thing nobody can argue with is the fact that real live ostriches are awesome. And they're going to have a pair at the stadium if you go check out a Fightins game this summer.

Here's what the Fightins website has to say about the birds:

Fans can now experience and learn about farming and these unique
animals from Africa just by attending a Fightin Phils game," said
Fightin Phils General Manager Scott Hunsicker. "We hope that families
can fall in love with both farming and baseball from the allure of these
magnificent ostriches."

Honoring the newfound struthious logo of the Fightin Phils, the
ostriches will celebrate Berks County's long-lasting farming connection
like no other minor league team has ever done. 

They're both females. So let's hope the crazy hot dog vendor guy doesn't get too close to them when they're in heat.

Fans can submit names for the new duo. I suggest naming at least one of them "Enrico."

>>Area's Farming Heritage to be Celebrated by Live Ostriches

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