If You Pay Nine-plus Bucks for a Beer You Can Get This Sweet Phillies Logo Cup

If You Pay Nine-plus Bucks for a Beer You Can Get This Sweet Phillies Logo Cup
April 1, 2013, 7:32 am
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I took in the Phillies first On Deck Series game on Friday night and by "took in" I mean "went down to CBP and ate some fried chicken and donuts and tried the new Alley Brewing Co. beer while bullshitting with friends and noticing Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee on the jumbotron shooting hot dogs into the crowd. And then watching two innings of baseball and leaving because it was cold and who cares."

Important things we learned: the new Alley Brewing Co. beer garden does offer a wide variety of brews. I sampled something or other from Goose Island and then also tried the exclusive-to-CBP Alley Brewing Co. Lager. The takeaway: if you pony up for what they're calling a "Super Premium" beer in the $9.25 price range, you at least get this snazzy cup which features many of the Phillies 'P' logos from yesteryear. If you buy a regular old $8 beer? No snazzy logo cup.

The Goose Island was considered "Super Premium" while the exclusive Alley Brewing Co. beer was a full dollar and a quarter cheaper. But you have to drink it out of a boring clear cup with no logos.

We also tested out the new Federal Donuts stand down the third base line near left center. You get two small pieces of chicken and a donut for $9.75. Not outrageous given you're at a ballpark. The chicken was solid. The "spicy garlic" sauce was great. A real spicy kick but not too over the top. Overall the chicken didn't taste quite as great as at the regular locations. Still, this will be a great new option this season.

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