It's Mullet Mania at Citizens Bank Park This Evening for 90s Retro Night

It's Mullet Mania at Citizens Bank Park This Evening for 90s Retro Night
August 23, 2013, 3:55 pm
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This is where we'd typically make a joke about 90s Retro Night being the most interesting thing going on down at the ball park this evening but with the stretch of walkoff winners the Phillies have put together over the past few weeks, the Fightins have treated us to some pretty exciting late heroics.

Some fans, myself included one night a few weeks ago, have been a little lax about leaving to beat traffic before the final pitch has been thrown. The fight this team has shown has made those who opted to leave early pay -- in shame, at least.

Three of Ryne Sandberg's wins as Phils' skipper have been walkoffs. So, no leaving early tonight as the Phils kick off a set with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Cole Hamels is on the hill this evening and will take on fellow lefty Wade Miley.

Jim Salisbury has a nice Q&A with Ruben Amaro today that is kind of a nice state of the Phillies read, which included this great follow up:

Q. Do you hear people saying the Phillies fired the wrong guy?

A. I do not. I’m sure that there are people opining in different ways, but I don’t listen to the radio. I don’t think it does me or the organization any good to listen to that kind of stuff.

Q. It’s not just on the radio, it’s all over the place. What about the notion of it? Does it bother you?

There's also a frank bit about Papelbon where Ruben is asked whether the closer is a positive or negative influence. Worth a read.

7:05 from CBP. Don't forget to bring your under-14-year-old cousin with you and steal their John Kruk action figurine. Also, Mitchy Poo will throw out the first pitch this evening. Hopefully we get a nice leg kick.

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