It's the Most Ruben Amaro Jr. Time of the Year

It's the Most Ruben Amaro Jr. Time of the Year
November 3, 2011, 9:45 am
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Maybe they'll resign Jimmy Rollins. Maybe Ryan Madson will be back. Perhaps they'll sign a super utility player that can help fill in at first while Ryan Howard is out. But the biggest move the Phillies make this offseason could be one that nobody is talking about just yet. That's how Ruben Amaro Jr. rolls. He's constantly crafting deals in his head that many might think are impossible to pull off.

But by looking at his track record over the past few seasons, it's foolish to say this guy can't pull off a shocker again heading into 2012.

Free agency officially opened at midnight last night, and we'll keep our eyes open for any moves that could impact the Phillies.

A couple of links:

-The Daily News' David Murphy makes the case for the Phillies spending big money to bring back Ryan Madson

-Murph also has a list of 5 free agents to watch. The most interesting to me: Aramis Ramirez to play third and using Polly as a super-utility man.

-If you're looking to refresh your memory on who is available throughout baseball this season, John Finger lists all the free agents with notes on who could fit in Philly

What would be your best case scenario? Are you in the Jose Reyes camp? Bring back Jimmy camp?

Here's what Jim Salisbury thinks the Phillies free agent signings will look like:

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