Jay Z and Beyonce to play Citizens Bank Park in July

Jay Z and Beyonce to play Citizens Bank Park in July
April 28, 2014, 12:11 pm
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When word broke over the weekend that the world's biggest pop culture power couple would be performing together in Philadelphia this summer, the conversation over beers turned to wondering how much tickets for the July 5th Beyonce and Jay Z show at Citizens Bank Park would be. That's a pretty good one-two punch, but at what cost?

According to Ticketmaster.com, there are currently only two price ranges listed for the "On the Run" tour in Philly: $54.35  or $282.00.

That's either a pretty decently priced ticket or a rather ridiculously expensive ticket. The Ticketmaster site doesn't currently tell you which sections are priced at which rate. Could the whole "field" seating area be $282.00? Or perhaps it's just the "pitt" that's exorbitantly priced?

Tickets go on sale for Beyonce and select credit card holders on Tuesday. Regular on sale Friday.

I'd go at the lower rate and pray that I don't have to suffer through "Empire State of Mind" and have nightmare flashbacks of the 2009 World Series.

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