Jim Thome Signs Back with the Phillies

Jim Thome Signs Back with the Phillies
November 4, 2011, 3:12 pm
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Ol' Jim Jam back with the Phillies. How about that.

Jim Thome has agreed to a one-year contract for the Phillies for an estimated $1.25 million, according to Jim Salisbury's sources.

It remains to be seen what Thome has left in the tank while playing the field, but with Ryan Howard looking like he could miss the start of the season, a veteran slugger like Thome is worth a roll of the dice. If his fielding skills have diminished, he's still one heck of a left-handed power bat off the bench. Not to mention his likability among the Philly fanbase. Big Jim is about as nice a guy as there is in the game.

And he'll be back in Philadelphia next season. Your old Thome jersey is no longer a throwback.


Not surprisingly, Shane Victorino is stoked:



Big Jim Thome back in #philsnation....super
excited to be his teammate!
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