Joe Biden is a crazy person, also a Phillies fan

Joe Biden is a crazy person, also a Phillies fan
November 21, 2013, 2:56 pm
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Joe Biden was talking some smack on your favorite sandwich today down in Washington, DC.

Some Delaware sandwich shop opened up a DC location and the Veep was there to talk some smack on Philly's finest. That's crazy talk.

But then he also kinda stood up for Phillies fans, I think. So we'll give him a pass on this one.

From the MCall:

"The only place where Philadelphia can compete with [Delaware] is steak sandwiches. Just compete. Compete. Not win," he said.

Biden tried to redeem some of his Philly cred as he was leaving, taking note of the Washington Nationals baseball team mascots, the Racing Presidents, there to welcome him.

"Hey I love you guys. But you know, if you showed up outside of Capriotti's on Union Street [in Wilmington], you'd be in trouble," Biden said. "They're all Phillies fans, you know what I mean?"

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Nice of @VP Joe Biden to photo bomb me and George at Capriotti's grand opening!

— Teddy Roosevelt (@Teddy26Nats) November 21, 2013

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