Just Cole Hamels Wearing a Boston Police Vest

Just Cole Hamels Wearing a Boston Police Vest
May 28, 2013, 8:52 pm
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In-game interviews from the dugout are all the rage these days – they add so much to the broadcast! And the players, undoubtedly sensing how important these interruptions are, always take them seriously, too.

Like Cole Hamels for instance. Why he’s not even the person being interviewed here, but understanding the magnitude of this moment, he dons a Boston Police vest and voluntarily stands guard behind catching coach Mick Billmeyer.

Was Hamels’ authoritative presence in response to some shenanigans that took place over the weekend?

As FOX allowed Kyle Kendrick to prattle on for an entire half inning during Saturday’s broadcast, Cliff Lee showered him with sunflower seeds, a clear violation of in-game-dugout-interview etiquette. Instead of listening to Kyle babble about… whatever it was he was being asked about at the time, he was pissing and moaning about what a bunch of jerks his teammates are. That made for some awkward television, not like most in-game interviews.

The Billlmeyer interview went on without interruption, and we’re all thankful for that. And informed. Don’t forget informed. (What were they talking about again?)

Image via @PhieldersChoice

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