Lidge Latest to Start Season on DL; Ryan Madson or Jose Contreras to Close

Lidge Latest to Start Season on DL; Ryan Madson or Jose Contreras to Close
March 28, 2011, 2:11 pm
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Yesterday it was Ruben Amaro Jr. finally admitting that Chase Utley will start the season on the DL and today it's Brad Lidge informing the world that he'll be right there with his second baseman in the dugout due to shoulder issues.

Lidge had this to say, per Todd Zolecki at the Zo Zone:

"Opening Day I won't be ready, based on what they're telling me. Because  we're going to have to rest it for a while. It's kind of up to them how  long they want to rest it for. Then after that ... get it examined. Dr.  Ciccotti is going to look at it more tomorrow, determine to get a MRI or  not. Then after that we'll start picking it up based on what he says.  But right now that's kind of all I know. I'm still experiencing some  discomfort in there, so we're going to get more analysis."

Lidge also says he wishes there was no pain. We hear ya, Brad. We wish there was no pain in the world too.


Here's an interesting quote from Ruben noting that Madson has done nothing in the past to show the Phillies could rely on him as a closer. Quote via David Hale at Philled In:

Ruben, on whether the team views Madson as a potential closer…
“There’s nothing that Ryan’s done other than his ability – he may have  the ability to close as far as his stuff is concerned, but he has not  gotten to the point where he would be a guy that we could rely on yet  because he hasn’t proven that. Could he prove it at some point? Sure.  Could he be a closer at some point? Perhaps. But there’s nothing in his  career so far that has shown us that he’s ready to take that step  forward.”

Lack of confidence in Madson or some words to light a fire under his ass?

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