Luis Castillo Has Been Released, Lidge Out A Long Time

Luis Castillo Has Been Released, Lidge Out A Long Time
March 30, 2011, 12:42 pm
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Despite a nice showing on Tuesday night against the Pirates, Luis Castillo has been released
by the Phillies and will not be your opening day starter at second
base. That honor appears to be going to last year's trusty infield
play-wherever-you-put-me Wilson Valdez. As a friend of mine said on
Twitter, it felt kind of strange cheering for Castillo anyway. [CSN]

As for Brad Lidge's partially torn rotator cuff, he told reporters
today that he's not sure where the initial 3-6 week time frame for him
being out came from. He won't even be able to pick up a baseball until
that timeframe is past, then he has to work his way back. He could miss
the whole first half of the season. Lidge had this to say, "I’m thinking
in my mind I’ve got to be back for the second half and have a real
good second half, make sure I’m stronger than before. Not just where I
was, but stronger. It’s a partial tear of the rotator cuff. If it was
in the labrum, that’s game over, out for the season. The rotator cuff
doesn’t have to be. … It’s still a crappy feeling."

UPDATE: Word out of CBP this afternoon is that
Michael Martinez has made the team and will split time at second with
Wilson Valdez as Chase Utley tries to heal his knee by... resting.

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