Mariano makes emotional final appearance at Yankee Stadium

Mariano makes emotional final appearance at Yankee Stadium
September 27, 2013, 10:01 am
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The great Mariano Rivera pitched his final game at Yankee Stadium last night. After embarking on something like a farewell tour all season around the country, Rivera said his goodbyes to the Bronx. And it was awesome.

Watch him make the jog out from the bullpen one last time:[mlbvideo id="30964139" width="640" height="360" /]
And watch Derek Jeter and Andy Pettite come pull him from the game:[mlbvideo id="30965689" width="640" height="360" /]

Deadspin's Barry Petchesky has a nice summary of the evening, calling it a "living wake" that felt like a party. NBC Sports' Joe Posnanski called Mo the "perfect athlete" in his farewell piece. Yahoo!'s Jeff Pasan has a great piece on the evening as well.

NEW YORK – The best gift of Mariano Rivera's farewell tour is something he cannot touch. It is the joy of a surprise and the emotion of friendship and the indelibility of a memory and all of the saccharine stuff that belongs on a Hallmark card. Cynicism defines modern sports, and that is all well and good so long as it can find a counterbalance in the tears of a man overwhelmed by happiness fighting sadness.

And Mo gives an emotional goodbye:

[mlbvideo id="30966409" width="640" height="360" /]

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