Marlins Tell LoMo To Quiet Down

Marlins Tell LoMo To Quiet Down
June 14, 2011, 6:57 am
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Logan Morrison endeared himself to Phillies fans way more than almost any other player from an opposing team who had never played for Philadelphia. He did this mostly by being a chatter box on Twitter, interacting with fans from all teams whether or not they praised his play or ridiculed it. The relationship LoMo has with Phillies fans is rather unique, and a number of newspapers have even done stories about it, including the unique one with Mark Marinelli.

But Morrison's chatterbox nature has now landed him in a bit of trouble with his team, with president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest telling LoMo to quiet down after he criticized the team's firing of hitting coach John Mallee.

Will this slap on the wrist turn LoMo's Twitter account dark? I'd highly doubt it, but I'd guess it makes him think just a second longer before posting about anything team related.

It's hard to argue against the team asking a player to keep things that are team related to a minimal in public, but as a fan of the way LoMo interacts with people on Twitter, I hope he keeps his jovial nature online intact. It'd be great if the Phillies had a player with nearly as much (if any) fan interaction online. Jimmy Rollins has a Twitter but seemingly only uses it for official type updates and random one-off comments about something that's currently on his mind, like the Flyers now defunct playoff run.

Morrison and the struggling Marlins kick of a series against the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park tonight.

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