Mets Do Something Great, Honor MCA

Mets Do Something Great, Honor MCA
May 5, 2012, 6:05 am
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I'm guessing that, like me, a lot of people reading this site grew up on the Beastie Boys. That "grew up on" phrase is tossed around a lot, but for the B-Boys, it really does fit. Listening to Licensed To Ill cassette we stole from my buddy's sister on a Walkman. Screaming along to the Fight For Your Right video. Jumping around in slow motion to the So Whatcha Want video. Finding out about Paul's Boutique well after the fact, but then getting crazy into it. Blown away by Q-Tip's verse and memorizing Get It Together, listening to all of Ill Communication so many times the title became reality for anyone within earshot. Trying to learn how to play the instrumental songs. Listening to a Buddhist musician plead for peace and respect while every teenaged hormone said "Destroy something." Getting tossed like a rag doll at the secret show at the Electric Factory June 10, 1998, maybe the best show I've ever seen, and I've seen my share. Blaring Hello Nasty our freshman year at Temple. Seeing the Beastie Boys look nothing like boys and acting decidedly less beastie. Being supportive of some of their causes, dismissive of or alienated by others.  
Learning MCA had cancer, and it was bad. 
Enjoying their most recent album, but worrying that it really would be their last, as MCA was unable to do pub for it, much less tour. 
And finally, while on business in New York, a city I can't walk through without hearing strings of lyrics about the place the Beastie Boys loved, finding out Adam Yauch had died. 
Seeing the recognition he received from prominent people in so many in the music industry, the main story on the New York Times, and my social media feeds, it was clear that Yauch and his crew were almost universally respected, and loved my many. 
We don't say a whole lot of nice things about the New York Mets around here. It's hard to find a team capable of giving more material to criticize, laugh at, and generally enjoy. But last night they did something any Beastie Boys fan would have to love. 

Each Met changed his walk-up music to a Beastie Boys song. Here's what they requested, via Anthony DiComo's Mets Cetera (Note: not a Peter Cetera-era Chicago/Mets fan mashup blog): 

Ruben Tejada: “Intergalactic”
Daniel Murphy: “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”
David Wright: “Brass Monkey”
Lucas Duda: “The New Style”
Scott Hairston: “Root Down”
Ike Davis: “Fight For Your Right (To Party)”
Andres Torres: “So What’cha Want”
Josh Thole: “Make Some Noise”
Dillon Gee: “Body Movin’”
PH Vinny Rottino: “Paul Revere”
Obvious follow-up question—You only get one Beasties song to walk up to the plate with for the night… What do you go with?
Video of a few walkups here:
Your browser does not support iframes.

Could write/talk for hours about the Beastie Boys, but we'll leave it at that for now. Here's what one of the walls inside my freshman dorm room (555 Hardwick Hall, Temple U) looked like circa Hello Nasty's release… 

Yep total fanboyism. 
While larger-than-life since their debut, they were always transparent and real. Despite their adopted names, they were just as prominently Adam Yauch, Adam Horowitz, and Michael Diamond. And yet, also until the present day, indiscernable from the personas they adopted over their careers. 
Feel free to chime in with any Beastie Boys or MCA-related thoughts, when you got into them, favorite song or album… 
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